The Pros and Cons of Selling to the Public vs Professionals Only

The Hair Extensions industry is currently one of the fastest growing global industries. Hair extensions can be purchased over the counter (“OTC”) or applied as a service through a licensed cosmetologist who is certified in the application method. Regardless of whether you’re looking to wear hair full time or part time it is important that you do your research as it relates to the which method most suits your hair type as well as what the company selling the hair extensions stands for. It’s important to support brands that have honorable intentions as it relates to both an ethical standpoint as well as a desire to protect your hair. HEM lists the Pros and Cons for companies selling to the public vs those who sell to professional only:

Pros and Cons of Selling to the Public vs Professionals Only

Brands that sell to the Public: Balmain (item specific), Bombay, Bellami Hair Pro, Donna Bella, Glam Seamless, Luxy Hair, and So Cap USA.


  • DIY is more affordable
  • No appointments needed, apply on your own time
  • More options and choices available; not limited to Stylists choices


  • Inexperience can cause damage to your hair and scalp
  • Incorrect application can lead to discomfort, unnatural blending, and inaccurate color matching
  • Inexperience with products and manufacturers can lead to expensive mistakes and/or buy too much or not enough hair
  • More likely to encounter a negative experience with hair extensions

Brands that sell to Professionals Only: Babe, Balmain (item specific), Bombshell Extension Company, Cinderella, easihair pro, Great Lengths, Hairdreams, Hotheads, Hairtalk, and Klix


  • A licensed experienced individual can guide you through the process, avoiding costly mistakes
  • Experience is the mother of all skill when it comes to preventing hair loss
  • Having a professionally licensed hairdresser will save you dollars and makes sense
  • A customized hairstyle which may require cutting and/or blending of the extension hair for seamless blending and a natural appearance
  • The hairdresser is accountable for any challenges encountered after application
  • Higher probability of a comfortable, natural blending color match
  • Higher probability of a successful outcome
  • Higher probability of higher quality hair
  • Manufacturer support for education, marketing, etc.
  • Less application time and more confidence in the outcome
  • More likely to encounter a positive experience with hair extensions


  • Can be costly, not for every budget
  • Not as easily accessible to the public
  • May not be immediately available
  • Many require certification in order to purchase and apply (Great Lengths, Klix, easihair pro, Hairdreams)
  • Often only available through select or authorized salons

At HEM, we uncovered that many people who purchase their hair online and take the hair for application to a hairdresser often end up dissatisfied with the service, price, and/or quality of the service. A couple of old adages come to mind “good things don’t come cheap and cheap things don’t come good” or “you pay for what you get”; yet what is important to remember is that there is a reason many companies require hairdressers to become licensed before buying their product; safety first.

We further believe it is important not only to protect your wallet but to protect your hair. Even though most hair extension companies who sell to the public do offer some form of “education” courses, it is not required. Getting hair extensions is no different from any other high-ticket items, the more you know the happier you’ll be. At HEM we recommend that like any other Professional service offered in salons that you go to a certified licensed professional, who is trained, knowledgeable and experienced in your method of choice.

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