The Best Shampoo for Your Hair Extension Method

Each hair extension method comes with its own set of unique at home care guidelines. Following a proper hair care routine is crucial to making sure you are protecting your investment, and for making sure you keep your extensions and your own hair healthy and beautiful. Most hair extension brands also develop a hair care line that is designed to work with the extension method, it’s always recommended to use the shampoo and hair care regimen designed for the method you are wearing.

When browsing for shampoo for your hair extension method here are a few guidelines to follow:

the best shampoo for your hair extension method

Strand By Strand

Strand by Strand hair extensions include Cold Fusion (Glue in/Keratin Bond/Pre-Bonded) and Hot Fusion (Micro-Link/I-Tip/No Glue/Keratin Bond/Ultrasonic). Be sure to invest in a salon quality shampoo that is color safe and sulfate-free. Sulfates can break down the extension bond prematurely which could cause slipping or extensions falling out. Sulfates will also strip the color and natural oils from both the extensions and your natural hair which can cause dry brittle hair and color that fades with each wash.

Weft Extensions

Weft Hair Extensions include Tape ins, Hand-Tied, Glue-In, Sew-In or Braided. Do not use any shampoos that contain silicone or moisture on weft hair extensions. Silicones and moisturizing agents can cause the attachment to slip, become loose, or fall out completely. You will also want to make sure your shampoo is color safe to guard against color fading from your extensions as well as from your own natural hair.


Clip-ins are not designed to be worn every day and therefore do not need to be washed as often as permanent extensions. While some guidelines suggest washing your clip in extensions every 10 wears, it’s best to use your own judgment and wash only when they feel dirty, or the hair is not moving freely and looking healthy due to product build up or if they’ve absorbed any odor. Much like a fine garment, the less you wash them, the less likely they are to fade. It is recommended that you use a salon quality sulfate-free and color safe shampoo.

What shampoo do you use for your hair extensions? Let us know in the comments below!

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