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How to Choose the Right Hair Extensions

Are you ready to try hair extensions but not sure where to start? Finding the perfect hair extension method and brand can seem very intimidating. However, we have laid out everything you need to make the right choice! Follow the steps below and soon you will have the hair of your dreams!

Compare hair extension methods

First, you need to find a hair extension method that works for your hair type and lifestyle. There are a variety of hair extension methods available that will fit your needs. Here are the most common hair extension methods available on the market:

Tape in Hair Extensions:

Due to the quick application time and reusability, tape in hair extensions has quickly become a favorite among stylists and clients. In 60 minutes or less you can have longer, thicker hair. Also, depending on the brand and maintenance, the hair can last up to a year. Application does not require any heat, adhesive, or tools, which means you will not have to worry about damage if they are applied correctly.

Hot Fusion or Keratin Bond:

Single strand extensions are applied to the hair using Keratin U-tip bonds with a heating element. This method is most suitable for coarse, thick hair, as one application can last up to six months. The application can take 6-8 hours, depending on the stylist’s experience. Since heat is required for an application, damage to the natural hair can occur. Perfect for the low-maintenance client who prefers not to frequent the salon or style their hair every day.

Cold Fusion, Micro-Links or I-tip:

Another single strand extension method, however, heat is not required for an application. Hair is applied by pulling the natural hair through a small bead or lock and securing with a tool. Also suitable for thick, coarse hair, as the beads could be visible if you have fine hair. The application can last 4-6 hours, but the hair will last up to six months.

Sew-in or Braided:

Ideal for coarse or thick hair, braids are used as a base for the extensions and sewn in using a needle and thread. Although no heat or glue is used for application, the tight braids over time may cause hair loss. The first few days after application, clients may be uncomfortable and even experience headaches. You will need to wash your hair regularly to prevent bacteria from forming throughout the braids.


A short-term method of hair extensions where the weft of hair is applied using glue. Hair will only last until the next time you shower, which isn’t a good option for those looking for a more semi-permanent method. If the hair is not applied correctly, the adhesive may cause damage to the natural hair. However, if you’re looking for a one-time use for a special occasion, then this option may be suitable for you.

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