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What does Hairdreams Education include?

Hairdreams Education includes Application, Cutting, Coloring, Styling, Homecare, and Removal. It also covers Theory on the History of the brand, Quality of Hairdreams hair and consulting with your client.

What is the cost of Hairdreams Education?

Education is mandatory and included as part of your initial Start kit purchase with Hairdreams. There is no additional charge for the certification classes. Follow up classes are at no charge as well, but the stylist must purchase Hairdreams hair to apply on their live model during class.

What is the outcome or impact of Hairdreams Education?

Our goal is to inform, educate & inspire all stylists attending certification classes. Stylists leave feeling confident and excited to go back to their salon and begin building up their Hairdreams clientele. We also follow up within a week and keep a great open communication going during their Hairdreams partnership to assist with all their needs.

How do you support your salon customers?

We offer our stylists follow up trainings if needed – complimentary. We also have a marketing and client service team here just for them. We help each salon or individual stylist on a personal basis to help with marketing strategies, suggest pricing and assist with any technical questions at any time. Many of our Marketing representatives often help with your first few clients as far as consulting on color and service. We consider our Hairdreams partners as one big family and treat every stylist as an important part of that family.

What sets you apart from other brands?

Hairdreams offers an unparalleled, superior quality of hair. The brand is extremely advanced with its educational trainings to help ensure that all of our stylists are creating a safe and enjoyable experience for each client wearing Hairdreams. Our innovative Laserbeamer Nano is the fastest application tool in the industry. In fact, what used to be a 3-5 hour salon appointment for Hairdreams application, will now only take 45 minutes.

And for more than 20 years, Hairdreams has been the original innovative leader in solving hair thinning and major hair loss problems with its patented MicroLines system. It offers unlimited possibilities and versatility with ease of application for practically any desired hairstyle for clients suffering from hair loss and thinning hair conditions. It features hand-crafted, extremely lightweight hairpieces, solving hair thinning problems in a matter of one application in less than 2 hours. With so many choices from continual developments and refinements, the system supersedes all other alternatives in the industry.

Not only do we go in-depth over the basics of Hairdreams during trainings, but we also go in detail about our legendary 5 and 7-Star hair quality. We educate stylists on what sets Hairdreams apart from other brands on the market and how other applications can affect our client’s hair. Information and training are vital and we want our Hairdreams stylists to feel confident that they can answer any question their client may have. We also are one of the only classes available where you have to bring in a live model for the training. Not only is this valuable to get hands-on experience with application, but the stylists are also beginning on day ONE to build their clientele.

Anything else you would like HEM Readers to be aware of?

Hairdreams is highly acclaimed for its high level of education and marketing support for all of its partners at the beginning and throughout the lifetime of the partnership. That brands works with each partner to offer all the tools necessary for success.

Have you used or applied Hairdreams hair extensions? Leave them a review here!

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