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If you’ve been following along with our Education Spotlight campaign then you’ve learned that education is the most aspect of hair extensions. It is said that “hair extensions do not damage hair, people damage hair.” This is why hair extensions education, which should include proper application techniques and at-home care should be a priority for every brand. Hair Extension Magazine is dedicated to providing our readers with unbias and accurate information. We have interviewed the Glam Seamless Team and have gotten to know more about their Education.

Glam Seamless is one of the leading hair extension suppliers located in NYC selling over 12 types of hair extensions from clips, tapes, wefts and bangs in 8 lengths and 70 colors. Glam Seamless offers in-salon and online education programs ran by celebrity stylists David Lopez and Chris Appleton. Glam Seamless is known for their advanced online education programs that start at $150 and go up to $1500 with a curriculum dedicated to teaching hairstylists everything about tape extensions, clips, and the new and highly requested beaded row method.

The online class is just as good if not better than any in salon hair extension training – as the Glam Seamless online education comes with a starter kit, an online portal, several online courses and access to continuing education online. The curriculum is based on the application on all 12 of our hair extension categories, with a heavy focus on customizing the hair extension transformation individually to each client.

The Glam Seamless education helps hair stylists and salons quickly increase revenue by offering one of the most requested semi-permanent hair extension methods, tape in hair extensions. All members who get certified get listed on our salon directory listing where we refer clients to salons to get their Glam Seamless extensions done. Glam Seamless is the number one listing online when searching for tape extensions. Salons and hair stylists listed on our directory get an exclusive spot on our director to quickly gain new clientele.

Glam Seamless education programs offer continuing education, wholesale pricing, home care, advanced cutting classes and salon merchandising to support salon professionals worldwide. Glam Seamless caters to the modern day salon professionals by offering the latest online training courses for new trends in hair extensions and continues to develop new products, colors and education to salon professionals grow their business and give hair extension clients exactly what they are looking for to keep them coming back as happy, repeat clients.

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