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At Hair Extension Magazine, we believe in providing our readers with unbias and accurate information. Whether you’re a Stylist or Client, researching the method and brand you are interested in should come first before making any purchasing decisions. In this series, we have interviewed each brand and asked them questions regarding the Education process. Learn more about Donna Bella Hair Extensions below:

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What does Donna Bella Education include?

Donna Bella offers a few ways to get familiar with our extensions:

  1. online education is the most convenient since it is self-paced and available online for 60 days
  2. trade show education is available at most large trade shows we attend; we offer a hands-on workshop or a free introductory look-and-learn
  3. Pro Series education events offer hands-on and focused instruction
  4. in-salon custom education is available too

In the online and hands-on courses, we go through all the stages of interfacing with the client: from pre-qualification and consultation, including choosing the right shade of hair, to going over the tools you need, talking about hair extensions, and then diving into the steps, techniques and important insights about ensuring proper, safe and comfortable attachment. We then go over setting client expectations about caring for extensions and the length of time they can go until their next maintenance appointment, and then finally, we go over the removal process. Part of the video discusses how to price your service and how to grow and market your skill.

The final step in most of our comprehensive courses is certification. Certification is the extra step to garner credibility and an extra measure of understanding and effort for a stylist to distinguish themselves as someone who went through the training according to manufacturer’s standards and recommendation. The Certification is a series of questions and photo critiques that measure the stylist’s understanding of concepts learned.

What is the cost of Donna Bella’s Education?

Through online education, simply getting access to watching a single method (beaded/kera-link (fusion)/tape-in) application video is $49; with certification, the cost is $99. Getting access to all of the methods (highly recommended) with certification is $229.

Our Pro Series classes cost $189 to attend and $249 WITH the kit that includes everything. This one offers the best deal!

What is the outcome or impact of Donna Bella’s Education?

The impact that learning a new and important skill– and properly– can have lasting effects that can be summed up as life-changing. One of our participants attended a hands-on Pro Series class in March, and by November that year, she had earned herself an extra $19,000 from being able to offer a high-ticket service as a booth renter. It’s pretty astounding.

How do you support your Stylists?

When a stylist completes their certification, we send them marketing resources. We are also working on creating more valuable education geared towards those who have the skill, knowledge and experience, and may want to add a different dimension to their experience as a behind-the-chair stylist. The hope is to offer opportunities for stylists who are eager to be educators themselves, and we’re really looking forward to energizing that effort soon!

What sets you apart from other brands?

As a brand that lives in the e-commerce space, we are able to offer tremendous variety since we don’t have to compete for shelf space at a retail location (we ship all products out of our warehouse in Salt Lake City, UT). Additionally, because most of our products are geared towards requiring a professional application, we believe that our power resides in linking up with stylists and providing them with support and opportunities. We are revamping our Rewards program that will incentivize Stylists to stay with the brand and launching that in April, and we have an eye to continuously improve our educational offerings and educator program.

Anything else you would like HEM Readers to be aware of?

Donna Bella understands the importance of staying relevant, so we pay attention to trends in e-commerce, trends in beauty, and trends in business. Anyone that’s reading this is just as aware of staying in the know– so we encourage all readers to visit us at and sign up for updates so we can keep you notified of promotions, new product launches, and new opportunities!

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