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Hair Extensions Magazine believes whether you are a Client or Stylist, the most important tool to hair extensions is proper education. The proper education of a stylist will help you maintain your investment and keep your biological hair healthy.

In this series, we reached out to hair extension brands and asked them about their education. We interviewed Stan Rozmus, VP of Operations for Cinderella Hair Extensions.


Get to know Cinderella Hair Extensions and what their education entails:

What does Cinderella Hair Extensions’ Education include?

For Salons, we offer a 2 Day/6 Methods/16 Hours Hands-on Training Seminar which covers our Classic Bond Hair Extensions, I-Hair® I-Tip Extensions, Flat Tip I-Hair® Extensions, T-Hair® Tape Extensions, Cinderella Hair® Strips, and Cinderella Hair Veil®.

Our School Program offers Cosmetology Students 1 Day/4 Methods/8 Hours Hands-on Training on Classic Bond Hair Extensions, I-Hair® I-Tip Extensions, T-Hair® Tape Extensions, and Cinderella Hair® Strips.

Both Seminars include Theory, Client Consultation, Amount of Hair Needed, Proper Application and Placement, Cutting/Styling, Home Maintenance, Proper Removal, Pricing, Creative Uses, and Income Potential.

What is the cost of Cinderella Hair Extensions education?

Because we sell to Licensed Cosmetologists and Students, we do not make the cost of our Seminars public knowledge, but we do offer a $1,100 Account Credit for our 2 Day Seminars.

What is the outcome or impact of Cinderella Hair Extensions education?

Since we offer 6 hair extension application methods our Stylists are able to offer their guests the proper application that is best for their lifestyle.

How does Cinderella Hair Extensions support Stylists?

We offer Refresher Courses for those Stylists that have taken a 2 Day Seminar and Consumer Inquiries are forwarded to our Certified Stylists. We offer Certified Stylists Brochures, Window, and Mirror Clings.

What sets you apart from other brands?

A: Our unique, innovative products, one-stop shopping for all your hair extension needs and our Rewards Program.

Anything else you would like HEM Readers to be aware of:

A: We are always working with our salon base for different application methods, color selection and always striving to have the best hair at an affordable price.

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