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As BELLAMI is one of the only hair extension brands in the Professional Marketplace that carries all the Major application methods (Tape-In, I-Tip, Fusion, Sew-in Wefts, Clip In), we focus our education around each method, not only installation but the theory (or the why) behind each one.

Along with theory, we offer a very specialized hands-on portion that allows the stylist one on one attention with our Master Educators to learn how to do it correctly from the beginning.

Our Education goes above and beyond the hair! We spend almost 4 hours talking and teaching ways for our stylist community to grow their business through key marketing drivers such as social media and business development.

Included in each class we teach specifically how to cut, color, blend and care for your extensions. Not just from the stylist point of view but educating the end clients in the chair how to maintain and protect your extensions for maximum health and longevity.

$799 – 2 Full Days. Includes kit (Valued over $1k) & special Hair Credit for graduating the course!

We have 2 outcomes we are striving for with our education platform: 1. Educating the stylist community that extensions are a great revenue source to add to their existing platform & 2. The right way to install extensions to maximize efficiencies and prevent mistakes made.

The key message that we try to communicate to our entire community is that Extensions are not daunting or overwhelming, but rather fun, easy and a great way to add income to your existing business platform.

We have a committed team that encompasses each of our major divisions to our salons and stylists to be a resource for growth and marketing. From Educators to sales, marketing and even a dedicated concierge team who is on call to assist by phone, e-mail or chat!

We pride ourselves on our product, our service and our ability to go above and beyond to assist our stylist community in making their life easier. We don’t create hurdles or put up any barriers, but rather we bridge the gap and hopefully make them feel a part of the BELLAMI family every time they see us or talk with us!

Always stay tuned to our Instagram pages for up to the date information on classes, product launches, and global initiates! @Bellamihair @bellamihairpro

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