Do Hair Extensions Damage Your Hair?

One of the most frequency asked questions about hair extensions is “will hair extensions damage your hair?” The short answer is: they can, but they shouldn’t. Here are a few tips on avoiding damage when wearing hair extensions.

Go to a Certified Stylist

First, and foremost you should always go to an experienced hair extensions stylist who is certified in the type of extensions they are performing. You should also be sure you are choosing a hair extension attachment method that is right for your hair type and lifestyle. An experienced stylist should show you several different attachment methods and explain why a particular method would work for you. Hair extensions are not a one size fits all kind of service and if your stylist is only familiar with one type of attachment, this may not be a stylist who is experienced enough to perform a hair extension application safely.

Home Care

Hair extensions that are applied correctly by an experienced stylist are only one part of the equation. How you treat your hair extensions once you get home can also play a factor in whether or not they will cause damage. Always work with approved products and brushes. Most extension brands manufacture hair care products and brushes that are specifically designed to protect your hair extension application and your natural hair. Purchasing these products and following all at-home haircare recommendations is a way to make sure you are doing your part to protect your investment, and protect the health of your own hair.


When wearing hair extensions, it’s very important to keep up with your scheduled routine maintenance. If you are told your hair extensions need to be reapplied every 6 weeks but you think you can stretch it to 8 weeks because of scheduling or budget, you are doing yourself a giant disservice. Most hair extension professionals will tell you that the majority of damage they see is from hair extensions that are left in beyond the recommended time. Leaving extensions in for longer than they are intended to last can result in your natural hair breaking or shedding during the removal process.

If you have your hair extensions applied by a reputable and highly trained extension professional, follow your at home-care instructions, and keep up with your routine maintenance you can enjoy the thicker, fuller, longer hair that extensions can provide, without having to worry about damaging your own hair.

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