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At the turn of the century, it was predicted that the future consumers would not find brands, it would be the brands, products, and companies that would find the consumers; which has materialized in the form of influencers. Influencers were unknown however; it could not have been predicted just how significant their influence would become at creating entire market places for new or emerging products and/or brands.

Can Influencers Be Trusted

What is An Influencer?

An influencer is an individual who has the power to affect the purchase decisions of others because of their authority, knowledge, position or relationship with their audience. Whether an athlete, musician, supermodel or reality television star, it’s important to discern their motivation. Influencer marketing may have started organically, however, today it’s a big business with individuals making a living from reviewing, posting, mentioning, and marketing brands. This is where the massive conflict of interest begins.

Gone are the days when people reviewed products in order to satisfy their itch for notoriety or in order to get their hands-on free expensive product.  The million-dollar question is: can these influencers remain unbiased when being paid and can we trust their opinions?

The Danger of Trusting Influencers

When it comes to hair extensions, they are simply people with a flair for fashion and the gift of gab; they’re not experts in the field. Over the years HEM has learned that there is so much more to judging hair quality than merely opening a box and clipping, taping, or bonding hair into the hair. The true test of hair extensions happens after wearing, washing, drying and heat styling the extensions 10 to 20 times to ensure that any trickery employed by low-quality hair extension manufacturers to disguise over-processed, dry, inverted hair show up for what they truly are, bad or poor quality!

We are passionate about educating clients and stylists to make informed quality choices when it comes to all thing’s hair extensions and ask the question, who and how can we trust? Review sites like Hair Extension Magazine, rely on unpaid reviewers’ feedback which is formed from a desire to share their experience in order to help consumers just like you when it comes to spending hard-earned money.

Don’t be emotional and or impulsive when it comes to buying hair extensions or any high-ticket items. Do your research because the longevity of the influencer space, with more and more demanding money for services, creates some serious trust issues which the Influencer will also see a complete erosion of consumer trust if money is the motivator.

This is the Reason Why HEM Was Created

HEM is a place for people to leave unbiased reviews in order to separate the hair extension good, bad, and ugly. It allows Stylists and Clients, just like you, to share their honest opinions about brands that they have used. The question is are influencers really a credible source for long term opinion reviews or just a platform to launch companies on unsuspecting yet trusting followers?

What is your opinion on Influencers and Hair Extensions? Let us know in the comments below!

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