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Knotted hair has at all times been a headache, patiently saving one after the other could be very time-consuming, laborious, and typically increasingly more entangled, which is admittedly irritating. In the long run, there may be actually no approach however to chop it off and look forward to it to develop properly.

Even wigs cannot eliminate the issue of tangles, particularly wigs do not develop on their very own, and you may solely watch your treasured hair fall into a large number. So is there any particular technique to save your tangled wig? How are you going to keep away from tangled wigs?


Information could trigger wigs tangling:

1.Not taking off the wig in the fitting approach: when the wig isn’t taken off correctly, the hair on the wig is prone to get tangled or follow the glue.

2.Inferior wigs: There are numerous varieties of wigs, with totally different supplies and types. But when it’s a wig product of low-quality supplies, knots typically happen. (Observe: It’s best to make use of hair blocks product of high-quality actual human hair, which can be utilized for a very long time and doesn’t get tangled.)

3.Climate situations: Unhealthy climate situations may trigger tangled wigs, akin to windy climate.

4.Don’t comb wigs: Wigs are literally the identical as our actual human hair and must be taken care of continuously. In the event you do not handle your wig all day and nonetheless put on it to sleep, rubbing the wig with a pillow towel, sheets, and many others. will trigger your wig to get knotted simply.

5.Not dried correctly: Drying hair has at all times been a little bit of a problem, particularly for curly hair, which takes hours to dry by itself. To permit the hair to dry shortly, some folks will use a towel to rub their hair, which is very undesirable. Not solely is it straightforward to wreck the hair, however it might probably additionally trigger the hair to get tangled.


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Detangling a wig is a vital a part of wig upkeep and will help preserve it wanting its finest. So how do you untie a tangled wig? Listed below are the steps to detangle a wig:

1.Put together the wig.

Earlier than you begin detangling, put the wig on a wig stand or model head to make it simpler to work with. Spray the hair with a wig detangling spray or a combination of water and conditioner to make it simpler to comb by means of.

2.Rigorously comb the wig.

There are numerous varieties of combs to comb your hair, however it’s endorsed to decide on a wide-toothed comb that unclogs the ends first after which combs them from prime to backside. The tangle is powerful, and you may rigorously untie the knot place along with your fingers. If you cannot resolve it, it’s a must to select the next methodology.

3.Begin on the ends.

Beginning on the ends of the hair, use a wide-tooth comb or wig brush to softly detangle the hair. Work your approach as much as the roots, taking care to not tug or pull on the hair too laborious.

4.Use your fingers.

If the hair is especially tangled, you should use your fingers to softly separate the strands earlier than utilizing a comb or brush.


Washing the wig not solely helps within the combing of the hair, but in addition helps to revive the vitality of the wig and make it last more. On the similar time, washing wigs correctly may make tangled hair simpler to untangle.

First fill an applicable container with heat water and place the wig in it. Add an applicable quantity of shampoo and swirl your fingers on each side of the tangle whereas gently massaging to untie the tangle. Lastly, rinse the wig with faucet water to forestall the hair from tangling once more. You’ll want to rinse properly to make sure that there isn’t any residue of shampoo and conditioner, in any other case the hair will stick collectively after drying.

6.Use a wig conditioner.

If the hair remains to be troublesome to detangle, you may apply a wig conditioner to the hair and let it sit for a couple of minutes earlier than combing by means of. This will help soften the hair and make it simpler to detangle.

7.Be affected person.

Take your time and be affected person when detangling a wig. It is necessary to be mild to keep away from damaging the hair or the wig cap. Conditioner is a particular product that retains hair wholesome, but in addition helps us untangle the tangles of our hair, making it smoother and simpler to type.

8.Correct drying methodology.

Wrap your hair in a towel and press the towel to squeeze out as a lot moisture as potential. Then place it on a wig holder and dry it in a cool and ventilated place. If in a rush, you should use a hair dryer to dry it.

9.Retailer the wig correctly.

To stop tangles from forming sooner or later, retailer the wig correctly on a wig stand or model head when not in use.


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Observe that some wigs could also be extra liable to tangling than others, relying on the kind of hair and the type. It is necessary to observe the producer’s care directions and to keep away from utilizing an excessive amount of warmth or product on the wig, as this could contribute to tangling.

In the event you’re having hassle detangling your wig, a wig specialist or skilled stylist may assist.

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