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Monday, April 29, 2019 2:20:25 AM America/Los_Angeles

Whenever you purchase a wig, both lace entrance wig or full lace wig, you’re probably should cope with the lace. As an illustration, it’s important to lower the lace not less than. However a few of you will have to do extra issues with the lace. Why? The colour of the lace we promote at WIGGINS HAIR is generally medium brown. Nonetheless, for some individuals, medium brown doesn’t match their pores and skin tone, they want a darker shade. What would you do whenever you face this example? Let me educate you a simple technique to regulate your lace shade utilizing tea baggage!

What do it is advisable to put together?

Ten tea baggage, a pot of scorching water, hair band, and your lace wig clearly.

Observe: Whenever you select your tea, make certain it is 100% black tea with no blended substances. 

tea bags

The step-by-step process

1. Put together the wig, flip inside out and tie hair utilizing hair band.

wig cap inside out

2. As soon as the water within the pot is boiled, add your ten tea baggage. (word: holding on to the ends of the baggage so you do not burn your fingers.)

3. Whereas the water is boiling, use a picket spoon or any utensils you will have, to softly press the tea bag to get all of the tea out.  (word: watch out not press too laborious as a result of your tea bag will bust).

4. Maintain dipping the tea baggage within the boiling water for about 5 minutes. After this time, take away the tea baggage from the pot, and permit the tea to cook dinner for one more 3 minutes.

5.Flip off the warmth and let the tea sit for two minutes to get the best temperature on your Lace Wig.

6. Dip the lace of your wig into the tea, holding the ends of the hair. Use your spoon or utensils to push the lace down. (word: don’t put the entire wig into the tea)

7. Set a timer. The longer your wig sits within the tea, the darker your lace turns into. As a result of everybody’s complexion is completely different. Verify the lace in opposition to your pores and skin to get the best shade. (word: you’ll be able to test the lace shade as soon as a minute). 

8.Wash your Lace Wig with shampoo and conditioner.

lace color


In case you have a pores and skin tone darker than medium brown, and also you wish to modify the lace to match your pores and skin, you are able to do that utilizing tea baggage. Simply put together 10 tea baggage and a pot of scorching water, and you’ll tint your lace simply! You can even use this technique with ombre wigs. By no means want to fret concerning the lace shade once more!


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