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Tuesday, Might 24, 2022 12:17:29 AM America/Los_Angeles


Are you troubled by wigs shedding and tangling ? Is your hair falling out throughout your own home? Learn on to be taught why wigs shed and tangle, and what we are able to do to cease your wig from shedding and tangling.


The truth is, shedding is pure for human hair, similar to your personal naturally grown hair from scalp. In response to analysis, hair on the human head sheds 50-100 hairs each day. Hair sewn on the lace and the wefts have the same impact. In the event you see a small quantity of hairs loosening out of your lace wigs/wefts don’t be alarmed, this is quite common in all hair extension merchandise. Nonetheless, it isn’t regular to shed much more than normal or greater than anticipated. One of many causes for extra shedding is tangling. Any wig, even actual human hair wigs, together with our personal naturally grown hair, will tangle if not correctly cared for. However as a result of our personal hair produces pure oils, it prevents the hair from changing into dry and matted. However your wig received’t. Due to this fact, So wigs will often be simpler and extra tangled than our personal pure hair.


How we are able to do to stop your hair from shedding and tangling?


1. Comb the hair accurately

By no means comb the hair when it’s moist! To keep away from these tangles, brush your hair every day. When combing wavy hair, please use with wide-tooth comb and begin with the ends, 2 inches at a time, and slowly work your manner up. Don’t brush too exhausting, in the event you brush the hair too exhausting, the wavy patterns will fade progressively and the knots on the lace to loosen, probably inflicting shedding.


2. Reduce using scorching instruments

Though WIGGINS HAIR has all the time offered high-quality 100% human hair, and always improves the standard of human hair, in order that wigs could be styled with scorching instruments, however frequent use will even trigger harm to the hair, leading to drying and shedding. When utilizing scorching instruments, Discover appropriate temperature for hair model. We propose temperatures beneath 300F levels for coloured hair, and beneath 360F levels for pure coloured hair to keep away from dryness. Time management is essential, Don’t depart any scorching instruments on the hair for not more than 30 seconds. Apply some morocco oil and elastin to maintain the hair tender, or you could possibly additionally apply some hair spray will hold the hair model sturdy for complete day. 


3. Don’t sleep with the wig

It’s not advisable to sleep together with your wig, as a result of the friction between the wig and pillow will harm your hair and trigger hair drying and tangle, particularly for curly human hair wigs and lengthy human hair wigs. In case your hair is sewn in, put on a satin bonnet. It will assist stop the tangling.


4. Detangle your hair

Detangle your hair earlier than washing and styling. Not detangling your hair can really trigger the hair to shed greater than anticipated. One other vital step to detangle is utilizing the best methodology. Use your fingers to comb sections of the hair with a light-weight conditioner or Moroccan oil to detangle. Utilizing tremendous combs aren’t advisable. Curly textures require extra care than straight or physique wave textures. 


5. Situation your hair commonly

Lack of hydration also can trigger shedding. Shampoo and situation your hair appropriately, to take care of it moisturized. Don’t use merchandise that include sulfate, parabens, alcohol as these will dry out hair and trigger tangling together with shedding. Don’t overlook to make use of deep conditioners and hair masks on a weekly foundation, these merchandise can provide a bit of further moisture to your hair.


Do because the strategies any longer, then your hair might be higher.

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