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Thursday, September 22, 2022 3:53:00 AM America/Los_Angeles

Wigs are highly regarded now, whereas buy a human hair product, the largest concern of wig customers is is the hair actually 100% human hair? ” “how do I do know if the hair is 100% human hair? . A few of the wig customers could say I take it to my hairstylist, she/he noticed or touched it and informed me the hair will not be human hair. Truly, see or contact has no scientific foundation for this declare.

Simply comply with me and understand extra concerning the human hair!


Firstly, it’s essential to know the variations between the 100% human hair and the artificial hair. 

As all common wig customers knew, 100% human hair are our naturally grown hair, so the standard and adaptability are excellent, the hair appears to be like wholesome and bouncy, its service life is mostly 1 or greater than 1 12 months with correct care. When you put it on, it extra breathable and circulation with wind.

The most important benefit of 100% human hair may very well be restyled, it’s lengthy lasting hair, wig customers may take pleasure in totally different hair types on a regular basis.


Suggestions for restyle:

For unprocessed pure black hair:

it’s advocate 160-180 Celsius diploma or 320-360 Fahrenheit diploma.

For #613 hair: 130-150 Celsius diploma or 260-300 Fahrenheit diploma.

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Quite the opposite, artificial hair are constituted of artificial fibers, the hair are simply exists totally different issues reminiscent of matted or curled, although with right detangle or situation the issue nonetheless on, and the service life is just a few months. Due to the hair woven and heavy, so it is going to feels heaviness whereas put on it. Additionally, it can’t be restyled or modified the hair authentic texture.

However the benefit of artificial hair is the worth cheaper than human hair.


Should you doubt your hair, test it out as follows:

Right here we ready items of straight human hair from Wiggins Hair and artificial hair from others, and check primarily by burning, simply see the variations of the sorts of hair burning standing:


Firstly, we examined the artificial hair, whereas burning it, artificial hair will with black and smelly smoke, odor identical to burning the plastic bag, additionally the burnt half will matted collectively, it feels onerous whereas contact it, additionally the matted half can’t be crushed into ash.


If the burnt half hair appears to be like similar to this standing, it’s clearly that you just acquired the artificial hair.

Secondly, we examined Wiggins Hair 100% human hair. Identical solution to burning it first, you will see 100% human hair burnt in a short time, odor doesn’t like burnt plastic bag, it could with small matted, however this isn’t essential. Essentially the most convincing proof is to verify the matted half, simply use your fingers to rub the matted half, you will see the matted half simply grow to be the ash.

If the burnt half with out the black and smelly smoke, and the burnt half could be simply rubbed into ash, fortunately, you bought the right 100% human hair.

Anyway, whereas buy a hair, pls think about your individual wants first, artificial hair could cheaper, however in the event you want it for day by day use, 100% human hair higher for you. Wiggins Hair care about magnificence however we care extra about our buyer’s well being!

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