From Blowouts to Braids: The Historical past of Hair Styling

Hair styling is a vital a part of our total look and has been for hundreds of years. Over time, hair has been styled in numerous methods utilizing completely different instruments, strategies, and merchandise. It displays our persona, temper, and social standing. Hair may be an extension of our identification and a technique to specific ourselves. On this article, we are going to discover the fascinating historical past of hair styling, from historic instances to modern-day.

Historic Instances

Hair styling may be traced again to historic civilizations comparable to Egypt, Greece, and Rome. Historic Egyptians styled their hair utilizing combs, shears, and numerous oils and fragrances. They wore elaborate wigs manufactured from human hair, animal hair, and plant fibers. Egyptians believed that the coiffure was a necessary a part of their non secular beliefs and social standing.

In Historic Greece, ladies typically wore their hair in braids or high knots. Greek hairstyles had been influenced by the kinds of Egyptian and Minoan cultures. They used equipment comparable to ribbons, headbands, and hairpins so as to add extra texture and elegance to their hair.

Through the Roman Empire, hairstyles turned extra extravagant, reflecting the wealth and energy of the higher class. Girls styled their hair in complicated variations of braids, twists, and curls. Males styled their hair with pomades and used scissors and razors to maintain their hair neat and tidy.


The Renaissance was a time of nice cultural and creative developments in Europe. Within the sixteenth century, wigs turned highly regarded among the many higher class. They had been manufactured from human hair or horsehair and had been embellished with ribbons, feathers, and jewels. Wigs had been worn as an emblem of wealth and energy, and so they allowed individuals to vary their coiffure with out reducing their pure hair.

Victorian Period

Within the nineteenth century, ladies’s hairstyles had been elaborate and required hours of preparation. The Victorian period was identified for large hairdos, the place ladies would make their hair as voluminous as potential utilizing rats, combing, and teasing. In addition they wore equipment comparable to ribbons, bows, and flowers.

The Twenties

The Twenties marked a big shift in hair styling. Girls began carrying their hair shorter, and the bob coiffure turned extraordinarily in style. Together with the brief hair got here a brand new angle of independence and liberation, with ladies breaking free from conventional roles and carrying extra masculine clothes.

The Fifties

The Fifties had been all about glamour and class. Girls’s hairstyles had been impressed by Hollywood film stars, with huge bouffant hairdos and curls that had been created utilizing scorching rollers and hairspray. Males’s hairstyles had been shorter and extra conservative, with slicked-back hair or the long-lasting pompadour.

The Nineteen Sixties

The Nineteen Sixties noticed a revolution in hair styling. The Beatles’ iconic “mop-top” coiffure influenced the younger era, and ladies began carrying their hair longer and straighter. The Hippie subculture embraced pure, lengthy hair, and braids, flowers, and headbands turned in style equipment.

The Eighties

The Eighties had been identified for large, daring hairstyles. Girls wore their hair in voluminous layers or had perms to create a curly look. Males’s hairstyles included the long-lasting mullet and the Mohawk, which had been typically mixed with daring colours and equipment.


Hair styling at present is various and private, with individuals selecting hairstyles that replicate their persona and way of life. Pure, relaxed hairstyles are in style amongst ladies, whereas males are choosing shorter, extra textured haircuts. Instruments comparable to straighteners, curling irons, and hairdryers make it simpler than ever to create any type you need.

In conclusion, hair styling has been an necessary a part of human tradition all through historical past. It has influenced vogue, music, and social tendencies, reflecting adjustments in society and private expression. From the traditional Egyptians to modern-day, hairstyles have advanced, and hair stylists have grow to be specialists in creating new and revolutionary appears. Whether or not it is blowouts, braids or something in between, hair styling will at all times be a big a part of our lives.

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