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    How to Test for Filler Hairs in Hair Extensions

    Do you know how to judge the quality of your hair extensions? Always check for filler hairs before purchasing from a brand! In the video below, Hair Extension Magazine Ambassador Kennedy walks us through how to check for filler hairs: A Quick Tip on Judging Hair Extension Quality Some Hair Extension companies bulk up long […] More

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    Education Spotlight | Donna Bella Hair Extensions

    At Hair Extension Magazine, we believe in providing our readers with unbias and accurate information. Whether you’re a Stylist or Client, researching the method and brand you are interested in should come first before making any purchasing decisions. In this series, we have interviewed each brand and asked them questions regarding the Education process. Learn […] More

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    How to Leave a Review

    Hair Extension Magazine relies on Clients and Stylists just like you. We would love for you to share your opinion or personal experience about the hair extension brands you have worked with. These reviews help clients and stylists make better buying decisions. Watch the video below and learn how to leave a review: How to […] More

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    Education Spotlight | SOCAPUSA | Hair Extension Magazine

    When it comes to all things hair extensions, Education should be a top priority for the Client and Stylist. As a responsible consumer, you have dozens of hair extension brands to choose from. In our latest series, we are evaluating the hair extension brands that are featured on HEM and gathering information regarding their unique […] More